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For Big Ideas

LARGE stands for Location-based Augmented Reality Gaming engine. It's a platform that lets you create and experience rich augmented reality (AR) content wherever you are with your mobile device.


The world around you becomes a canvas for immersive new experiences. LARGE gives you the power to bring your imagination to life.


Build Hyperscenes

LARGE lets you build interactive 3D environments

that you can share with your friends and other users.


By connecting hyperscenes to locations, you can annotate your world with living messages, turn your neighbourhood into a haunted ghost tour, or transform your local park into a dinosaur safari.


With LARGE you can create adventure anywhere.


The World is

Your Playground

With LARGE the world becomes a giant

sandbox filled with adventure and surprises.


From scavenger hunts, to puzzles,

to first-person shooters, to location-based

 dungeon crawls. With LARGE you’ll never

know what to expect.


LARGE lets you play and build games that are

connected to the world in a meaningful way.


Large is For:




Game Developers

LARGE is for you. It gives you the power to bring your dreams to life and to share them with your family, friends, neighbours, students and people who share similar interests.


The Team

LARGE is being built by the team at Albedo Informatics Inc.


We’re a group of artists, game designers, scientists, programmers, and adventurers.


We’re passionate about giving everyone the ability to make and experience the power of AR.


We're Hiring


Back End Developer (Django, Python)

Computer Vision Scientist (OpenCV, SLAM)

IOS Developer


3D Generalist

3D Animator

3D Modeller

If the possibilities of AR get you so excited you can’t sleep at night, we’d love to hear from you.


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LARGE has been made possible thanks to support from the Canada Media Fund, and the Canadian Film Centre Media Lab’s ideaBOOST digital entertainment accelerator. LARGE is made by Albedo Informatics Inc., 304 Jones Ave, Unit 203, Toronto, ON M4M 3A6.